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EvergreenSt.1800s-w.jpg (18854 bytes)
Evergreen Street
Circa 1880


Looking south from the corner of Main St. and Washington Ave.  The home to the right was the Cater home which burned but another home was later rebuilt on the site.  Presently the site is that of a local bank.

WashingtonAv1800s-w.jpg (18495 bytes)
Washington Avenue
Circa 1880

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Carroll Street
Circa 1950

A view of Carroll Street and on the left Houston Drug Co. which was a favorite with local youth who would walk after classes from Perry High School for cherry Coca Colas in those famous shaped little glasses. The booth's table tops were a favorite place for such markings as:

T.M. + R.W

Looking closely you can see the bicycle with the big basket with which deliveries were made to Perry residents.


steps-l.gif (1368 bytes)Stroll Back

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Scene 1

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