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Perry, Georgia

My Hometown

Perry is  small Southern town nestled in the heart of Georgia and I fondly remember the years of my youth spent there. This site is dedicated to those folk who helped create such special memories.



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Hometown, USA

Perry, Georgia

Upon returning to Georgia, one of my greatest pleasures is to visit my hometown of Perry and leisurely stroll the streets and patron the downtown shops. Indeed at certain times of the day, one can stand in the middle of Carroll Street for several moments before having to step aside for an automobile. Not many of the shops of my childhood remain and the downtown area now sports the "Williamsburg" look but the feeling is much the same.

Perry is the county seat of Houston County, Georgia. It is also the home of the Georgia Agricenter and the Georgia National Fair. The Agricenter hosts many events throughout the year including a round-up of over 10,000 campers.

It is the home of retired Senator Sam Nunn. A library containing the senator's memorabilia is located in the restored Perry High School building which dates back to the early 1900s. The Senator attended classes in this building as did my parents and myself.

From my childhood, it has grown from the sleepy little town of under 5,000 to now over 10,000 folks; but still small enough to impart the "small town feel". It is conveniently located along I-75 and a trip to Atlanta only takes a couple of hours. This makes it convenient for its folks to drive up for a Braves game or to attend performances at the Fox Theater.

There are many more plaudits I could throw Perry's way...but I hesitate. I don't want things to get too far out of hand. Some growth is okay; too much makes for a "city". I've had enough "city life" and hope to someday return to small ..."Hometown, USA"...... Perry, Ga.



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