Just A Perry 'Gurl"


How I cherish the memories of my childhood growing up in my little hometown! Here I share some of these.
I have been contacted my many from around the world about these little stories.  It is so interesting that even folks in such far away places as Denmark can find in them memories similar to those they have of their own  Hometown, The World.

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The Happy Tree

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Halloween Past

New Perry Hotel

The Ol' Battle Ax

Just A Perry 'Gurl"

Why "Just a Perry Gurl"?  I picked this handle up many years ago when my name was brought up in conversation between my brother-in-law Allen and one of my previous high school teachers who had moved away from the 'golden city' of Perry.  Delighted to have found a common link to Perry, Miss Carolyn in her charming soft Southern drawl remarked, "Why Terre, she's a Perry 'gurl'!" 

Yep!  And I guess that is what I always will be!


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