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Easter 1954
Kneeling,L-R: Ann Hunt, Loyce Avery,Unknown
Back,L-R: Rita Carney,Unknown,Unknown,Richard Andel
Kneeling: Girl-Sharon Hill, Boy-Don Gainas
L-R: Richard Andel, Unknown, Shirley Matthews,
Jimmy Hardy, Jimmy Ivey, Barbara Barrett,
Girl in Hat-Unknown, Jan Moody, Boy in Back-Unknown
Kneeling: Sonny Livingston
Front: Linda Hardy
Back, l-r: Charles Boswell, Sharlyn Daniel, Unknown, Carol Collier
L-R: Ronnie Collier, Woody Moody, Jackie Peavy,
Sara Ruth Irby, Unknown
Kneeling: Linda Moody, Terry Moody

The Easter Biddy
Easter Sunday was extra special for young Sunday Schoolers at the First Baptist Church. Preparation would begin long before the day's arrival. Fashion shows at the Vanity Shoppe on Ball Street (later located in Carrol Alley) would preview the latest in fashion for young ladies. New dresses with frills where bought but often made at the old treadle sewing machines. Little "pocket-books" and new shoes of paten-leather helped complete the ensemble. But every girl's outfit must (in my Mother's opinion) include ... "the threaded hat".

For me the ultimate "tomboy" Easter was only made bearable by the egg hunts and the "Easter biddy" that was given the young members of the Sunday School classes. These biddies came dyed in pastel colors. I'm sure this strikes terror in the heart of all animal activists today but then was considered a great gift for the child and the family as well. Unfortunately most of these little biddies didn't live long enough to become chickens..... and unfortunately some did.

My little blue biddy became the delight of my grandmother and the main course at a Sunday dinner a few months later. We lived in "the city" but never the less the biddy was put in the back yard and thrived. My "city" sensitivities were soon revealed as I watched my grandmother connect with memories of her childhood and ring my biddy's neck. Not that I really liked the bird at the time; he had long ago lost the little blue feathers and he had a nasty disposition. But nevertheless, for a "city kid" it was an experience which horrorified yet demonstrated the rigors of pioneer survival and fostered a deep appreciation for Perry Super Food Store's meat counter.


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