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The Perry High School Class of 1965 was one of the first classes to graduate as part of what as been referred to as the age of 'baby boom'.  A class of only a little over 130 students, small by today's standards, it was at the time the largest class to ever graduate from PHS.  Many of the Class of '65 were born in Perry, delivered by Dr. Gallemore or Dr. Weems.  Their parents had been taught by the same teachers and staff who also played an important role in the education and spiritual growth of this 'baby boomer' class.  Most of these students were together from 1st grade through high school graduation and this created a camaraderie which has spanned the years.  Now approaching the 35th anniversary of their graduation, the class will hopefully meet again in 2000 to share cherished memories and renew the bonds of friendship cemented by the fun-filled years of learning in the Perry schools.

Undoubtedly one of the things that will be recalled and the story retold is the daring efforts made by some of the class members in the closing days of their senior year to immortalize the 'Class of '65....The Spirits Alive!'.

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Members of the graduating class in 1965 lifted over building walls and placed in the courtyard of the school a 1949 Ford. The feat took weeks of preparation and I have always suspected, the cooperation of many adult citizens (including the chief of police). Unfortunately the high school principal, Mr. Eric Staples, known as 'Fessor',   didn't see much humor in the act nor did he appreciate the considerable organizational and engineering skills which went into its execution. Probably in efforts to thwart attempts by future classes to top the Class of '65,  the car was removed from the courtyard before most students arrived for school, so many missed seeing it (I for one). However the legend lives now in cyberspace for the world to know!!!!

Class of '65...........The Spirits Alive!


The Houston Home Journal's Report of the event.
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