Perry High School
Class of 1949

The Perry High School Class of 1949 celebrated their 50th graduation anniversary from this prestigious institution in May of 1999.

This was the first PHS class to use cyberspace as an aid in organizing a class reunion.....a real 'hip' group.


  PHS Baseball Team

Back,L-R: Dick Rogers, Billy Whipple, Billy Gray, Herschel Lawhorn, Jack Hardy, Jimmy Lewis, Gus Goodman, Billy Wills, E.P. Staples
Front, L-R: Seabie Hickson, Charles Whitworth, Pete Carlisle, Bobby Satterfield, Ed Chapman, Ben Newberry, Horace Matthews, Bobby Sutton.
Bat Boys: Sam Nunn, Billy Beckham


A big "thank you" to Pete Carlisle, Class of 1949, who was the inspiration for this page and provided all the really neat pictures.




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