The Clement Hancock Family

Records have not revealed Clement Hancock, Jr.'s exact time and place of birth. However, there is documented evidence to show that Clement Hancock, Sr. and his wife Mary Renfroe Hancock were living in Warren County, Georgia during the ten year period (1790-1800) when Clement Hancock, Jr. was born.

Clement, Sr. and Mary Hancock moved into Wilkinson County, Georgia sometime after 1800 and along with son Joseph established themselves there. However, Clement, Jr. and his brothers William, Enoch and John, moved to Crawford County, Georgia where they were all included in the 1830 census of that county.

The 1830 census shows Clement Hancock, Jr. and his wife, Temperance Jackson Hancock, with two sons and two daughters. The sons were Henry H. Hancock, born about 1820, and John Clark Hancock, born about 1825. The daughters were Rachael Hancock, born about 1821, and Mary Hancock born about 1823.

During the next ten years three more sons and two more daughters were born to Clement and Temperance. Little Berry Hancock was born about 1834; Wilborn in 1835, and Thomas Jackson Hancock in 1837. The daughters were Sarah Ann, born in 1833 and Martha Ellender, born in 1841.

The children of Clement and Temperance Hancock were:


Henry H. Born 1820
Died September 17, 1862
Rachael Born 1821
Mary Born 1823
John Clark Born 1825
Died June 7, 1887
Sarah Ann Born October 30, 1833
Died 1910
Little Berry Born 1834
Died July 2, 1863
Wilborn H. Born October 24, 1835
Died June 20, 1865
Thomas Jackson Born 1837
Died December 3, 1864
Martha Ellender Born February 1, 1841
Died July 3, 1901


Of the five sons of Clement, Jr. and Temperance Hancock, four gave their lives for the Southern Cause during the War Between the States: Henry H., Thomas Jackson, Little Berry and Wilborn H. Also lost was a grandson, John H. Hancock. A more complete record of the service of these Hancock men can be found at A Family Tragedy - The WBTS.

Clement Hancock, Jr. preceded his sons in death by about twenty years. He died sometime between the 1840 census and 1842 at which time his widow, Temperance paid taxes on land he had owned and still in his name (101 acres in Lot 233, 2nd District of Crawford county and a 50 acre gold lot in Cherokee Co). Clement's estate was not settled until 1848 at which time his widow Temperance and Benjamin Stripling applied for a marriage license in Crawford County, Georgia. Clement Hancock, Jr. and many of his family, including perhaps his widow Temperance, are buried at the Clement Hancock Cemetery located on the old homestead near Knoxville, Georgia in Crawford County.

Contributed by Joyce Rape Harrison


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Descendants of Clement Hancock
by Joyce Rape Harrison
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Acknowledgement and gratitude must be given to Joyce Rape Harrison for her tireless research of our Hancock family.

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