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  Elijah Eubanks, son of Thomas and Nancy Dickson Eubanks, and Martha Dickson, daughter of Benjamin A. and Mary Taylor Dickson, were married in Crawford County on Aug. 1, 1826 by Bryan Lane, J.P. The earliest Crawford County census (1830) shows Elijah Eubanks in the 20-30 year age group, with his wife in the same age group, and one female child under 5 years old. The family is first identified by name in 1850 at which time Elijah is shown as age 44, a planter with property evaluated at $1,200 for tax purposes. His wife is shown as age 41. His children, all female, are listed as: Nancy, age 19; Susan, age 16; Lucinda, age 13; and Ann, age 10. This same census lists Nancy Eubanks, age 67, apparently the mother of Elijah Eubanks, with property valued at $2,400, still residing with two daughters, L.B., age 36 and A.T., age not shown.

Elijah was the only male listed in the Eubanks family until 1860, at which time a son, William is listed at age 9 in 1860, Elijah is shown at age 54 with real property assessed at $2,500 and personal property at $3,500. The Eubanks property was located in lot 42 on the north side of the old Wire Road at the junction of the Girl Scout Road which passes in front of Camp Martha Johnson.

The census of 1880 shows Elijah age 74, and Martha, age 71, still sharing their home with a daughter, Susan, age 36. She subsequently married Wes Stembridge but had no children. She was always known as 'Sudie'. The same (1880) census shows Elijah's son, William K, now age 27, married to Patience Elizabeth Causey (Lizzy) age 27 with two daughters, Edna and Chancy.

The Family Bible of Elijah and Martha N. (Dickson) Eubanks as of 1999 is in the possession of Harvard F. Eubanks, a descendant of William Kinchen Eubanks, son of Elijah and Martha.

Elijah and Martha were lifetime members of Dixon's Methodist Church organized in 1830; also found on membership rolls and church records are the names of Susan Eubanks and William K. Eubanks (Bud) and his wife Elizabeth. It is thought that the church was named for Martha's Dickson family and perhaps the land on which the church sits donated by the family as well. One of the oldest tombstones at Dixon Church Cemetery is that of the family Dickson. These are Josiah Dickson born in 1785, died Sept. 17, 1855 at age 70 and Mary Dickson born in 1785, died June 19, 1841 at age 56, Dickson relatives of Martha. Both the Eubankses are buried at Dixon's Church and their tombs list Elijah Eubanks born Oct. 17, 1805, died July 15, 1883. Martha N. Eubanks, born Jan. 7, 1809, died May 9, 1888.


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